Monday, May 2, 2011

Custom school paper available

The store has custom school paper for NBHS, CHS, NHS, SVHS, and CLHS on the shelf. As we are busy finishing school-related scrapbooks, this is the best time to come in and pick up your school's logo.

Another really cool product is also availble. You can order customized paper through one of the store's vendors. There are many different designs available. You can choose a specific sport or choose your school colors. A specific name and/or jersey number can also be printed on the paper. You can also choose to upload graphics or photos onto the background. All of this is available for under $20 for a 12 sheet minimum order. The special order takes 2-3 weeks to produce. This would work for other special events too such as family reunions, weddings, graduations. I can't wait to create a custom design myself.

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