Monday, May 27, 2013

New products at the store

The demo from Lifestyle Crafts was fabulous! The store now has many of the new products on the shelf. There are MANY die cuts to choose from. One new product that I really liked was the Genius platform. This is a magnetic platform that will hold your die cuts in place as it rolls through your cutting machine. No more taping dies down! There is an embossing plate and a cutting plate that is more flexible than the plates you probably got with your machine. (I always hate it when my plastic plates are warped. It is hard to roll the machine and you don't get an even cut because the paper and die are not flat.) PLUS you get a set of nesting dies when you purchase the Genius. If anyone wants to try out this platform, respond to this post and I'll bring my Genius to the store for you to try.

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